Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic


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phi They are everything I expected. Good quality, fit in my ears nicely. 4 stars because they don't fit perfectly into my Nexus 5x.

music on blast the Bass on this is incredible for the price!

BECKY simply amazing these are awesome and have great sound quality!

DK simply amazing these are awesome and have great sound quality!

Ben Ok sound for ear phones, but nothing great. But what's worse, is they stay in for literally a few seconds. If you are sitting at your desk not moving fine, but if you want to wear them and walk or run, they will be useless. They need some rubber or something to stick better rather than pure plastic.

There are better $10 head phones.

iTamas This In-Ear device sounds surprisingly great comparing to the old Apple earphones. It stays in your ear well most of the times. In silent environment you can enjoy music, movies etc. but the noise isolation just as bad as the previous model. It is not the reason I gave 3 stars to this product.

My concern is IT DOES NOT control the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle!!! Apple's own products are not working together at all!!! It is a shame in my opinion.

Fortunately my 3rd party (Klisch) earbuds are working with it smoothly.

Otherwise I have no problems using it. Works with other Apple products. It is just excellent for its price.

Dino1956 I am a huge fan of Apple Products! I have about 15 Products in my home. And I already knew the old iPod headphones were bad sounding. And earbuds never stay in my ears & always hurt. So when the new earPods came out I was hopeful. Totally disappointed! The sound is not good at all. They say they improved the Bass? I think not! I still can't see why Apple can't make a good pair of headphones. I owned a Vertical over the head pair from Sony & they blew these earPods away in sound quality. If your a huge music lover or musician like myself, Don't Buy These!

Calvin the Commuter These are meant to rest in your ear and with slight vibrations can fall out of your ear. They are not suited for any active use. For what they are, the sound quality and bass are strong. Where the wire meets the aux plug is more durable than previous versions.

internmilked3 These headphones are amazing! The sound is great with rich deep bass tones and they fit comfortably in your ear. I highly recommend!!!

ERJL Thought these would sound better than the standard earbuds which come with iPod's, but not so in my case. Yes, they have better bass extension but the trebble is boosted as well making then sound harsh at times. Worse, percusive insturments make the diaphrams "pop" sometimes which is really annoying. I boxed mine back up and there they sit. For under $xx B&H price they are worthwhile but better sounding products are out there (albiet these do have the iPod controls and a mic).


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Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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